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Smart Interactive Cat Toys

Smart Interactive Cat Toys

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Are you looking for an interactive toy for your cats?

Smart Interactive Cat Toys

Design in motion sensor detecting Cat interaction with the ball, Cat ball automatic rolling & moving stop. Cats play with toys to wake up the ball to move. No more trouble if you switch toys on-off again and again

360 Degree Rotation Toy


This interactive cat toy will start a 360° rotation and color LED indicator. Cats are busy chasing, pouncing, hunting, irregularly moving the ball, and making great daily fun. 




This interactive cat toy comes in two colors: Yellow and blue. It mimics the appearance, size, and color of a real mouse, and when in motion triggers the cat's natural hunting instincts to chase and play.

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Material: ABS/PVC

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Honour Herbertson

This toy is amazing. He's been following it around for HOURS since I opened it (it comes with about half an hour's charge already).

Clémentine Dubois

One of my cats is super active and likes rolling balls the most. He also likes playing fetch with them with me. This is perfect for when I'm WFH and he wants to play fetch. He loves it and it's large enough that it won't roll underneath the oven like his other favorite balls.

Konstantin Cingolani

My cats will follow, watch, play with this ball for an hour plus (I timed it). Thats never happened with any cat toy I've ever bought.
I highly recommend this toy for cats. Dogs will potentially break it if they get it in their mouth.

Demelza Ecclestone

My cats love this toy. They follow it around the house, keeping them busy until I turn it off. It doesn't turn off after 15 mins it keeps going until I turn it off and I like this because my cats like to play longer than 15 mins. I start them off with a 15-minute toy and when that runs out, I start up another 15-minute toy and then onto the self-rotating ball. It does what it says, it goes under furniture and turns itself around and pops out again. I put it on charge before I go to bed and it's ready to go again. I use these toys in the morning and again in the night about 1 hour before I go to bed, so they sleep all night and so do I—worth every cent.

Kayleah Tornincasa

I gave 3 of these as Christmas presents and all recipients' cats love them! One of them is traditionally very lazy and isn't interested in many toys, but he was fixated on this one for over half an hour, following it around and batting at it. Another cat, who is more anxious in general and often scared of toys, also was very focused on this and it occupied him for at least 15 minutes too.