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Pets Shampoo Massager Brush

Pets Shampoo Massager Brush

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Are you still worried about choosing a bath brush for your beloved pet?

Are you still a pity for wasting shower gel?

Are you still tired of cleaning the dog's hair?


Shampoo Dispenser Soft Brush for Pets

Made of soft silicone, super soft bristle, comfortable and suitable for pet's skin. Provides a gentler touch, is friendly to your dog, and keeps pets clean and healthy.

Shampoo Dispensing Design

With a shampoo dispensing design, this brush can hold up to 80ml of shampoo and water, which is pretty convenient and saves more pet shampoo. At the top of the bottom, you can open the small ring and pour shampoo and water. When in use, you can press the top silicone button to produce foam. will gently remove loose hair, dust, and dirt

Convenient and Portable

Its lightweight and compact size make it convenient to carry. A hang-hole design allows it to be easily hung to dry after use, saving space. However, please pour out the excess water and show gel to avoid the soap leak out.

Easy to Use

Pour shampoo into the container before use, just gently press the dispenser to evenly distribute the shampoo on the pet’s skin when bathing, bring your dog a very comfortable bath and massage soothing effect.



The pet bath massage brush comes in 5 color Square Blue, Heart-shaped Blue, Square Pink, Square Yellow, and Heart-shaped Yellow. It is suitable for Teddy terriers, Poodles, Pomeranians, Dovermen, Golden retrievers, and short long-haired dogs and cats. Ideal gift for pet lovers who will be sure to be impressed.

Product Information

Product material: Silicone


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Honour Herbertson

This was great. It was soft on my puppies body but got him really clean! Only problem is the shampoo drained out of the brush when not in use. I filled it up thinking the shampoo would just rest there till next time. Still I loved it.

Konstantin Cingolani

My dog loves it when she gets a bath and usually I don’t have to keep going back to the shampoo bottle it soaps up really well and you don’t have to use your nails to scratch. Very Good investment

Kayleah Tornincasa

Easy to use and the dogs love it!

Demelza Ecclestone

Girlfriend found it in my shower and thought I had someone else over. Make sure your significant other knows that it's for washing the dog.

Clémentine Dubois

Makes doggy bathtime so much easier! Love the self dispenser feature, the silicone grabs the loose hair/fur and it is easy to throw away.