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Pet Grooming Hammock

Pet Grooming Hammock

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Have difficulty in giving medicines or grooming your pets?

Worried about your pet’s safety at all times?

Hassle in bringing your pet along?


Professional Dog Grooming Hammock



Dog hammock helper is made of high-quality material, the sling is sewn with a special process, not a rope ring design, do not worry about tearing and falling off. Pets will get calm and relax by hanging in a dog grooming harness. 


Convenient for your pets



As a pet owner, it is easier for you to give medicine to pets, clean their teeth and ears, and use eye drops when you have this dog grooming sling hammock at home. You don't have to worry about being bitten. Besides, a grooming hammock is also a good helper for veterinarians.





This dog nail clipping hammock comes in 3 colors and 3 sizes. It is designed with a breathable and flexible 3D mesh structure to keep your pet comfortable. The thicker hemming around the holes reduces friction on your pet's legs, making them calm and relaxed for grooming.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Honour Herbertson

Worked great. We need to come up with an easier solution on where to hang it, but we were able to Macguiver a work around. First time in 12 years being able to successfully trim this dogs nails without sedation. With him getting on in years, we are less interested in having anesthesia required procedures unless they’re live saving.
Very happy with the results!

Konstantin Cingolani

It is so much easier to clip the nails of a disrupt dog. It holds them in a perfect spot so the person clipping the dogs nail cannot get bitten.

Surinder Marlowe

It is called a "pet" hammock, but it's definitely more for dogs. Cats can flex and twist and get out of it fairly easily. If you have a dog, I would recommend - but if you have a cat, probably look for something more secure.

Olga Varnham

I spent a lot of time looking at this and similar products and I was skeptical this was going to let me cut my cats nails. I am very happy that it works great. I bought new treats also for a little bit before and after the grooming. I can get him in the harness and hook him by myself (he's 15 pounds) and get those nails cut! I use a laundry rack on it's lowest setting to hang the hooks, he ends up only a few inches off the floor, perfect!

Grahame Pahlke

Our 2 Golden Retrievers are way more manageable to clip their nails. The accessories are very nice. Sorry they didn’t want a a picture posted, their Manager said No! 😂🐾