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Pet Cooling Mat

Pet Cooling Mat

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Do you want to keep your Pets Feeling Cool?

Self-Cooling Mat for Pets


This dog cooling mat is double-sided. One side is made of self-cooling ice silk fabric, it can absorb your pet's body heat, feeling cooling when touching the surface. The other side is made of breathable mesh, quite soft and comfortable. 100% safe for animals, adults, and kids. Let your honey enjoy a cooling summer feeling.

Portable & Wide Use


The pet cooling crate pad mat is lightweight, as it folds effortlessly, which is ideal for travel, and on the go. can be laid directly on the floor for pets to sleep and also can be put in the kennels, sofa, pet bed, car seat, and outside in the shade. The pet cooling mat can fold freely, is not easy to break, portable and washable, is reusable, economical, and environmentally friendly, and can be placed anywhere indoors or outdoors.



Our dog cooling pad mat comes in 4 colors and 5 sizes. It’s an ideal cooling blanket, cooling towel, or cooling mat for pets in summer. Just place the cooling mat on your pet's favorite spot—they will love it!

Product information


Material: CoolCore, mesh cloth, terry cloth

Sizes: S-19.6x15.7 inch. M-24.4x19.6 inch. L- 27.5x21.6 inch. XL- 39.3x27.5 inch. XXL-  59x39.3 inch. 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kayleah Tornincasa

I have to say this cooling mat wasn't exactly as I expected but that is my own fault for not paying attention. I tried purchasing a cooling mat a few years ago for my pup and it was like plastic-y feeling and had some kind of gel in it to keep your dog cool.

Tatiana Schulze

My dogs loved this mat in the hot summer months. It stays cool all the time.

Clémentine Dubois

So I first put this on my dog’s bed well he scratched and bunched it off his bed .. so I put it on the floor where he lies down when he isn’t on his bed and yeah, he lays on it. Does it cool him down ?! Maybe in the first 5mins but putting my hand under where he lays it was warm.

Demelza Ecclestone

I liked that they washed up very well. I just got one to see if he would cool down on it and after sitting on it myself I have to say it does seem to actually work. I trained my dog to sit on a blanket laid out etc so this works for me very well. We have no bladder issues but I like to wash what he lays on often enough for allergies and other reasons. I told my aunt about this and she got one for her dog and all the dogs (4) fought over it so she got one for each! Her dog loves it.

Jessamine Sherman

This blanket really works. I had my doubts but it does cool. I recommend it