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Pet Car Seat

Pet Car Seat

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Our dog car seats are made of high-quality fabrics that hold their shape stable and secure no matter how the dog moves. With non-slip glue dots on the bottom, it is stable and won't slide forward or backward. Comes with a safety leash that can be fastened to your pet's collar, allowing them to sit safely in the seat. You don't have to worry about pets disturbing you while driving, so it also helps improve your driving safety.


This product is packed with super soft PP cotton, which has good filling elasticity and is fluffy and soft. The zipper design is removable, waterproof, and easy to clean. The storage pockets on both sides can also store pet treats, urine bags, cans, and more. Space-saving, multifunctional design. The handheld design allows your pet to enjoy the scenery of the journey with you.


Handrail requirements length≥30cm/12'', 36cm/14.2''≤perimeter≤65cm/25.6''. The pet car window seat can be quickly installed on the center console of the car. It is more suitable for a clamshell armrest box. If the armrest length is less than /12", the seat will slide. Fits most cars, trucks, cars, and SUVs. The size of the lower armrest can be measured before purchasing.

Product Information:

Material: Cloth

Size: 42x20x22cm/ 16.5x7.8x8.6 inches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Konstantin Cingolani

Our Chihuahua loves it. Keeps her from jumping around and getting fur on the seats.

Surinder Marlowe

Was not big enough for my 10 pound dog. wasn't satisficed with the money i paid for this product.

Olga Varnham

Our little dog would always move between my wife and I during trips (like the 3 hour trip to visit family). We bought this and my wife attached it to the center console. It didn't have a lot of padding on the bottom, so we added a little blanket.

Honour Herbertson

This was so easy to install. I love the safety feature of being able to lock her in by attaching her harness to the seat. This was great as she got use to the seat. My puppy loves sitting in her seat on long car rides, going to the vet or just trips around town.

The only downside is there is no padding. It would be much if there was some type of plush pad. I had to put a blanket down for my puppy otherwise she would have been laying on uncomfortable material.

Will definitely be buying another one if this one ever gets worn out.

Grahame Pahlke

Very nice product. I wouldnt rely on it solely for safety as the velcro fastening it to the console I guess could come apart in a crash.
I use this with another safety restraint. Works well!!