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Portable Dog Water Bottle Feeder

Portable Dog Water Bottle Feeder

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 Portable Doggie Water Bottle


Dogs water dispensers it's both a pet water cup AND a dog food bowl making it super convenient when going on longer hikes and traveling with the dogs. A dog water bottle that is easy to use with one hand. Did not have to fumble for treats while on the road or refill the water too often. A travel water bowl for dogs had everything you needed. Rotating out water won't break easily like a button.

2-in-1 Dog Travel Water Bottle


Dog items that puppies will love, The water comes out with a light twist. The large-diameter drinking tank makes it easy for dogs to drink water. The bottom of the bottle can be filled with dog food, and the bottom of the bottle can be directly fed.

Easy to Use & Leak-Proof Function


Portable drinking bottle, easy to solve the problem of drinking water and food for pets to go out or travel. This dog water dispenser is designed with a Silica gel seal ring, making sure the water doesn't leak into your bag.

Safe and Durable Materials


Safe, no peculiar smell, no harmful substances, separable design, the bottle body can be completely disassembled and cleaned, portable lanyard design, PET material, no bisphenol A ingredients.




This stylish dog travel water bottle comes in 3 colors White, Purple, and Yellow. It is lightweight and compact, easy to carry and store, and can be stored in a backpack or handbag.

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Capacity: 20.2 Oz. 



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Customer Reviews

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Olga Varnham

My pup loves this bottle as much as I do. The best part is that when she doesn’t drink all that is released the bottle is able to reverse it. No waisting or spilling in an unwanted area like a plane or car. There’s a snack area in case your outing goes a little longer than expected.

Jessamine Sherman

I traveled overseas with my pup and this was such a handy tool to have with me. The water could be released or absorbed back and then sealed, which was nice (no water waste). The container did not leak at all - the food in the treat compartment stayed completely dry. The one thing to watch out for is to not over-tighten it when you screw it together since it’s all hard plastic - no soft washers - so you don’t want to crack it or have it lose its grip. As long as you are careful when you seal it, it should last you for your entire trip and beyond (I still use it when we go on road-trips or long walk)! Definitely recommend.

Mathias Richelieu

This has been a great water bottle. My Yorkie, Aurora loves going everywhere with me. This allows her to stay hydrated on the go.

Grahame Pahlke

This is such a great item that I couldn’t pass up buying for my new puppy. We were bringing her home 22 hours from the breeder and this little gem was a perfect solution to give her water while traveling in a car. It also holds dog food or treats in the bottom. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a pet to walk. It is also leak proof.

Surinder Marlowe

I should've gotten the bigger bottle because my puppy drink the water in one shot. It is so worth it. I wish the food hole was bigger but it's workable.